Data Explorer

Welcome to the 500 Cities Data Explorer, where you can examine how Census tracts within Albany, Atlanta, Columbus and Savannah compare with one another and tracts in the country’s other largest 500 Cities. This data comes directly from the CDC’s 500 Cities project with composite ranking and percentile ranking performed by Neighborhood Nexus.


About the data and dashboard:

For each city, the data is provided at the census tract level with the CDC’s measures of health — called indicators — separated into three categories:


  1. Health outcomes: chronic diseases, including diabetes, kidney disease and cancer, as well as more general health outcomes such as tooth loss and poor physical or mental health
  2. Prevention: preventative care, including cholesterol screening, mammography, colonoscopy and checkups and the dentist and doctor’s office
  3. Unhealthy behaviors: including binge drinking, lack of physical activity and low sleep


These measures in turn feed into citywide rankings of census tracts in each of the categories as well as nationwide percentile ranks.


Exploring the data:

First, select your city of interest along the top bar of the dashboard. Then select your category of interest from the drop-down at the top right of the dashboard, which autocompletes options in the indicator menu beneath it.


After you select an indicator, the values for each Census tract will appear on the dashboard’s map and the column chart to the right of the map. From here, you can further explore the data in the following ways:


  1. Hover over different parts of the map to reveal the exact number for each census tract. Use the Ctrl button to select more than one.
  2. Click on different parts of the column chart to see which tracts the prevalence or percentile corresponds with on the map. Use the Ctrl button to select more than one.
  3. Use your mouse to draw a box around values of interest on the chart to highlight and isolate the tracts that correspond to these values.
  4. Use your mouse to draw a box around Census tracts of interest on the map to highlight and isolate them.
  5. To reset, click within the map area or the chart area.


Have fun exploring!